Take the #PotholeChallenge with Ogaats

Take the #PotholeChallenge and please share it with your friends:

Take the #PotholeChallenge by reporting a pothole and sharing it with your friends.

Report a pothole now

Who is the PotNess Monster?

  • She lives underneath the road surfaces of South Africa.
  • She looks a little like the African cousin of the Loch Ness monster up in Scotland.
  • Evidence suggests there is a little meerkat blood in her as well.
  • She tunnels and is a very curious little monster and whenever she surfaces to have a peak around a pothole is created.

How to take part in the #PotholeChallenge

Step 1: Take a Picture

Grab your phone and snap a picture of the potholes on your way home.

Remember, be safe:

  • Do not drive and snap a photo at the same time
  • Do not stop if you do not feel safe.
  • Let a passenger take the picture if they can.

Step 2: go to Ogaats.co.za

Using your web browser go to www.Ogaats.co.za and select the Pothole button.

Step 3: Upload your photo and send

Attach your Photo and type the address of the pothole.

You can use the little map to pinpoint the location OR if you are still near the pothole let the website guess your location using your phone’s GPS.


It’s as easy as that. 1-2-3 and you have reported the pothole in 30 seconds flat. Yes, pun intended.

Maybe now we will all be able to live with this little monster below our wheels.