Fault report: Msunduzi Local Municipality / Water (Leaks, Supply, etc.) (2018-01-11 15:23)

This fault was reported to the following municipality:

Msunduzi Local Municipality
Contact number: 
080 000 1868

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Ogaats fault reference: 
This fault is open.
Fault type: 
Water (Leaks, Supply, etc.) Edit
Fault description:  Edit

We have been trying to report this frm the beginning of November 2017 , this tap is on the road and not used by the neighboring residents . What happens is that they always break this and the water runs out unattended 24/7. We have benn trying to call the callcentet several times without anyhelp because most of the time the phone rings contnously without it being attended. We reported to the Ward 12 office and did not get anyhelpThis watet then comes toour premises which are now soaked in water making it difficult even to walk, We DEMAMD THAT THIS TAP BE CLOSED IMMEDIAYELY.
The tap is in Scotts street used as a car wash on the way to Wadley Stadium or edendale

Reported to Ogaats date: 
2018-01-11 15:23
Last reported to municipality date: 
2018-01-11 22:34
Fault Location: 
Address:  Edit
Georgetown 4 Street
Bisley, Pietermaritzburg
South Africa
-29.652964215816, 30.285937786102

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