Fault report: Emfuleni Local Municipality / Water (Leaks, Supply, etc.) (2018-01-08 07:43)

This fault was reported to the following municipality:

Emfuleni Local Municipality
Contact number: 
016 986 8300

In case of emergency, or follow-up information regarding this fault, you need to contact the municipality directly.

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Ogaats fault reference: 
This fault is open.
Fault type: 
Water (Leaks, Supply, etc.) Edit
Fault description:  Edit

Water has been flowing for sometime. Area is under water restriction but water leaks remain flowing

Reported to Ogaats date: 
2018-01-08 07:43
Last reported to municipality date: 
2018-02-01 12:02
Fault Location: 
Address:  Edit
90 Macowen Street
Vanderbijlpark S. E. 2, Vanderbijlpark
South Africa
-26.726657595636, 27.837831974030

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